About Us

Proudly Locally Owned and Operated

Who We Are

As a father and son owned and operated business, Sangers Inc. has incorporated snow removal into their pre-existing concrete business over the last five years. The family-oriented mindset of Sangers Inc. pushed the father-son duo to expand into the residential market where they aimed to discover a way to serve the general public’s snow plowing needs in an affordable way that many people within a neighbourhood could attain. Snow blowing services incorporates affordability while maintaining the great quality of work that Sangers Inc. has always offered, expanding their pre-existing commercial snow removal company to incorporate residential neighbourhoods through large scale snow blowing services.

What We Do

Residential snow blowing services is a unique snow removal model which Kingston, ON has not yet seen. Fortunately, this mode of snow removal is proven in many other cities to not only be a safer and more efficient model, but also a more cost-effective model which allows Sangers Inc. to provide affordable services to a wider population. As snow removal evolves, we can turn to cities like Montreal which service over 80% of it’s population using this model of snow removal.

How We Do It

Our highly efficient machinery uses plastic cutting edges which prevents scratches on your driveway and, when combined with our highly efficient tractors, we are out of your driveway within minutes! 

Our team always provides you with excellent customer service, ensuring you are served by reliable, conscientious people who truly care about your safety and the service they provide.