Residential Snow Blowing Services

Residential Snow Blowing services provided by Sangers Inc. begin with an 82” snow blower that is rear mounted to a highly efficient tractor. The size of these blowers ensures that any sized driveway can be serviced in a matter of minutes. This differs from traditional snow “push” methods which take several passes and risk the integrity of your driveway and lawn, not to mention creates large piles preventing visibility. Snow blowing will disperse the snow on the driveway to the adjacent lawn in an even manner which ensures visibility issues are kept to a minimum.

 Our services are provided from November 1st to April 15th and are all inclusive under your seasonal contract!

Kingston's #1 Snowblowing Business!
Kingston's #1 Snowblowing Business!

How does this snow removal service work?

Beginning before the snow even falls, Sangers Inc. will provide its customers with up to date Facebook and email notifications about the prediction of a snow fall, it’s estimated accumulation, and estimated hours of snow fall. These updates ensure that customers are informed and can plan accordingly. Once the snow fall accumulation has reached 4cm, our tractors will be dispatched to ensure that driveway accumulation is never packed down on your driveway. If a snow fall is predicted to be more than 4cm our tractors will make every attempt to have your driveway cleared in a timely manner, however under normal circumstances your driveway will always be cleared within a six-hour period after the snow fall.

Sangers Inc. is committed to providing return trips later in the day after the city plows have visited your street to ensure that any banks and drifts created by the plows are cleared. This ensures that your driveway maintains its cleanliness! Additionally, this return service ensures that if your car was previously parked in your driveway during the initial clean-up, that you will get a fully cleaned driveway the second time around. This additional visit provides our customers with peace of mind knowing you will NEVER be snowed in!  At these various stages of clean up and dispatch, we are committed to providing you with continuous updates on Facebook and through email so that we never leave you wondering where we are or when we will be there!

As previously mentioned, pricing is a seasonal contract and is all inclusive. This means that your seasonal price is all you will ever pay – no extra fees for extra snow falls! You can rely on us to snow blow your driveway every snow fall this season. Pricing for seasonal contracts is based on the size of your driveway, ranging from single, double, triple, and custom driveways. If you are unsure of the size of your driveway or have a custom size driveway, please arrange for a site visit for specific pricing! Otherwise, please select the size of your driveway while signing up and the standard price for this size will be displayed. If you share a driveway with your neighbour, we are happy to service either one or both driveways. Sizing will be based off your residence’s side of the driveway whether single or double. To have us service all the shared driveway, both neighbours will need to sign up for the service with their respective driveway size.

Driveway Sizes for Snow Blowing

Single Driveway

$500 / season

Double Driveway

$550 / season

Triple Driveway

$600 / season

Custom Sizes

By Quote