NOTE: 2023/2024 SEASON – We are no longer offering shovelling services




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Residential Snow Blowing in Kingston, ON

Sangers Inc. is ready to introduce Kingston, ON to the world of Residential Snow Blowing! What is residential snow blowing you ask? Residential snow blowing is a premium snow removal service that replaces traditional snow plowing practices for residents of Kingston. Using state of the art equipment, Sangers Inc. blows snow off of your driveway without damaging the driveway service or the corners of your lawn. Winter safety is of the upmost importance and Sangers Inc. is the most reliable, safe, and consistent service for snow removal in the Kingston area.

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Why shovel your driveway when we can clear the snow for you?


Some benefits of snow blowing services include:


Efficiency! You no longer need to spend your valuable time clearing your driveway. Why shovel or blow snow when our expert and efficient service can clear your driveway all winter long for only one set rate? Your time is valuable!

Less Injuries! It is no secret that shovelling or snow blowing your driveway by hand is very difficult on your entire body – especially your back. Your physical state is important and with the winters we have experienced recently, clearing snow yourself puts this at risk! Let us do the heavy lifting.

Less Frustration! After spending your energy and time on your driveway it is finally clear – until the city plow comes by! Let us take care of this extra effort and timing. We will ensure your driveway is professionally cleared both before and after the city plow comes. Your peace of mind is our priority!


Sangers Inc. is efficient, does not leave snow banks as a traditional plow does, eliminates the risk of damage to your property, and provides exceptional customer service for all of your needs.



Refer a neighbour and you each receive $20 off your seasonal contract! When you refer a neighbour and they sign up for our snow blowing service, we will give you a $20 credit towards your seasonal contract!

Contact us to refer your neighbour, or simply express to our customer service team who you were referred by!